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Mai 2018

German Ambassador's Visit - May 2nd 2018

Celebrating 25 years of Teaching and Learning German at Scoil Uí Mhuirí

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On Wednesday 2nd May, Scoil Ui Mhuiri had the honour of a visit from the German Ambassador to Ireland Deike Potzel. The event coincides with the 25th anniversary of teaching and learning German in Scoil Ui Mhuiri, during which time the school has won the European Language label for German, organised numerous German language trips and exchanges and welcomed several native German language assistants.

Ambassador Potzel was greeted by a guard of honour given by German students, before a performance by the school choir. 5th Year student Yele Taylor gave an excellent speech about her experience of learning German, while 2nd Year German student Emma presented the ambassador with flowers. Ambassador Potzel gifted a set of German language books for the school’s new library. Following a discussion with German teachers and the school principal on the importance of learning German in secondary schools, Ambassador Potzel gave a talk to Junior and Senior students of German about her work as an ambassador and the many career opportunities which exist for learners of German. 


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Mai 2017

Time to say goodbye and auf wiedersehen to Louis and Élise our two wonderful language assistants who went the extra mile and kilometre to help our students with French and German. Danke schön. 


Oktober 2016

This year we are absolutely delighted to have our language assistant Louis from Hannover to help our students with their language skills.


TY - Kaffee und Kuchen bei George in der Bäckerei

Ms. Lyons brought the Transition Year students to George's Pâtisserie in Slane.

März 2016

George and Students



Kaffee und Kuchen


German Exchange 2015/2016

Another fun exchange, our 5th one so far! 

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On Monday, 5th October 2015, Ms. Lyons invited the Deutschmobil to visit our school.  This is a joint initiative organised by the German Embassy and the Goethe Institute in Dublin, to promote the German language and culture in Irish schools.  Our 1st years, TY class, 5th and 6th years who study Germans had the opportunity to take part in the fun, interactive German lessons which included topics like German music and a visit to Berlin.  

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Over the years we have had many German and Austrian assistants and visiting teachers.  Frau Petzmann from St. Andrä in Austria (on the left) visited us some years ago and is commencing a project with 1 Rath this year.  Frau Madeisky (on the right) was our original exchange partner 10 years ago and is still involved in the project, having hosted Scoil Uí Mhuirí in 2015.

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Using the Internet

At Scoil Uí Mhuirí we encourage our language students to use the Internet to help with their language learning.  There are many websites which help with listening skills, reading skills, oral skills and writing skills in the target language.  Visit some of these examples:


We were very fortunate to have an Austrian assistant during the school year 2008/9. Frau Doris Genner helped all of the German students in the school with their language skills....

 Doris alleine

.... Cultural awareness and language awareness got equal attention as the students learned about celebrations in the German speaking world, about customs and traditions, music, food and all sorts of topics.

Small German conversation groups formed part of the daily schedule at Scoil Uí Mhuirí and the students reaped the rewards of having a native speaker teaching and supporting them.

  • Wie heißen Sie? Ich heiße Frau Genner.
  • Woher kommen Sie? Aus Österreich.
  • Haben Sie Geschwister? Ich habe einen Bruder.
  • Wie gefällt es Ihnen hier in Irland? Ganz gut, danke!
  • Wie finden Sie das Schulsystem hier in Irland? Das Schulsystem ist ganz anders als bei uns in Österreich.
  • Tragen die Schüler in Österreich und Deutschland eine Uniform?
  • Nein, sie tragen keine Uniform.

Frau Genner was chief advisor to the third year German students as they wrote essays for a competition, promoted by the Austrian Embassy.

Kim Jordan, Lauren Mc Morrow and Niamh Shannon produced excellent essays entitled Meine Arche. 


Syllabus for French and German (Junior Cert), Syllabus for Leaving Cert


Comenius Project 2008/9

The teachers involved in the exchange, Ms. Matthews and Ms. Howard are both members of the language department at the school, teaching both German and Irish, with Ms. Matthews also involved in teaching French. These teachers report back to the other language teachers in the school at Subject Development Planning meetings as regards the impact the project has on students and their general attitude to learning languages. The whole student exchange process is examined as a means to improving fluency in target languages and interest in other cultures, plus awareness of students' own culture. The teachers also gain an interesting insight into how languages are taught and learned in another European country.

As both Ms. Howard and Ms. Matthews are involved in sport at the school, basketball and athletics primarily, there is great interest in the sports element of the project. The whole aspect of introducing new games to teenagers will be examined. These teachers also teach Social, Personal and Health Education and are involved in promoting awareness of healthy lifestyles among young people. Studying how teachers and students in another European country combine sport and healthy living in curricular and extra curricular activities is of particular interest to the teachers.

Communication with students and teachers in another European country, where the target language of our students is spoken daily affords students a great opportunity to practise and improve their foreign language skills as well as their Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills. Cultural awareness is key to our students' understanding of other Europeans and their perspective on life. This also helps increase our students' awareness of their own cultural identity. This European cooperation provides our students with the means to express themselves in a sporting environment, where communication, competition, teaching and learning take place within a friendly and fun environment.

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