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Transition Year------------------------- 008



  1. 1.1  Art, Craft and Design are three inter-dependent disciplines. They are fundamental to human existence, predating written language. They play a major role in human evolution and development. Each involves a different way of thinking:

    • Art emphasises ideas, feelings, and visual qualities

    • Craft emphasises the right use of tools and materials

    • Design emphasises planning, problem-solving and completion, using

      drawing as a means of thinking

      These unite in the basic human drive to shape the world, for functional purposes, and to express and communicate ideas and feelings. The contribution of the visual and plastic arts to life is a unique and enriching experience for all.

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    •  1.2  Art, Craft and Design provide a unique part of the education of the whole person, through heart, head and hand, enabling the person to shape his or her world with discernment, and to understand and appreciate the work of others. The benefits of an education in Art, Craft and Design for the student at this developmental stage extend far beyond a competence in the subject itself (and the ability to apply it through life): Art, Craft and Design education develops a number of important personal qualities, particularly those of initiative, perseverance, sensibility and self- reliance.

  2. 1.3  This syllabus framework is designed for the full ability range in Junior Cycle. To facilitate implementation of this syllabus, it is essential that sufficient time be allocated to the subject.

  3. 1.4  The practical core syllabus in Drawing, two-dimensional Art, Craft and Design: three-dimensional Art, Craft and Design, with Support Studies, is augmented by a wide range of options. The teacher will select a minimum of one option for Ordinary Level, and a minimum of two for Higher Level, to suit the ability, developmental stages, previous experience, interest and potential of the students. The teacher's specialist skills, the school's resources and facilities, and local identity and tradition should also be taken into account. The core syllabus is to be applied to the teaching of the selected options, so as to widen and deepen the student's development.

  1. 1.5  Support Studies involve History, Critical Appraisal, Evaluation, Appreciation, Science, Technology and correct working vocabulary.

  2. 1.6  The lessons should be organised as sequential, practical, learning experiences incorporating Drawing and Support Studies as appropriate.

  3. 1.7  The starting point (or subject matter) for each learning experience is crucial in developing the student's capacity for focussed personal response. The motivation should be visually oriented, and derive from the student's direct experience of the natural, social or man-made environment...... See the Art Curriculum

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